Entrepreneur, Senior Engineer & Giving

Kelechi is an entrepreneur with close to a decade of building products, communities, and businesses.

A forward-thinking leader, Kelechi has made remarkable achievements in building the tech ecosystem, especially in the South-east. When hardly anybody was nurturing the tech ecosystem in the region, Kelechi started a company to help the region catch up with the digitisation sweeping across the rest of Nigeria, through which hundreds of engineers and entrepreneurs were birthed.

Now more focused on growing businesses, his company, Tribesquare, seeks to build global brands by empowering them with reliable and trustworthy engineering.

Kelechi, driven by impact, is also a founding trustee at the Now Now Impact foundation - a non-governmental organisation for helping women who are breadwinners but have lost their source of livelihood, to start again; more so, he hosts the Build a Palooza podcast for helping young people navigate the rigours of building a business in Nigeria.

While Kelechi has had his fair share of setbacks through life and business, as many, he is unperturbed and continues to thrive, acquiring life-long skills, and investing in ideas, necessary for shaping Africa's future and ensuring that his vision - an Africa where everyone's basic needs are met, through impactful businesses, philanthropy, and good governance - is achieved.

  • Birthday: 1 July
  • Email: me@kelechithefuture.com
  • Personality: INFP-A
  • Quote: Timing is everything

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